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BTS wears CARIN sunglasses in Xylitol Commercial

BTS wears CARIN sunglasses in Xylitol Commercial

Korean company Lotte recently released a commercial featuring BTS to promote their gum brand Xylitol. In this commerical, BTS was wearing CARIN sunglasses! 

Currently, the gum brand Xylitol has a collobration with BTS promoting their "Smile to Smile Project" which is a super cool idea that with just a single smile, smiles can be spread across the world.

Well Lotte, you sure got me smiling this morning because guess which sunglasses brand BTS was wearing in Xylitol's commercial? You guessed it BTS was wearing CARIN sunglasses! 

In Xylitol's "Smile" commercial which features 3 segments; Hot, Leisure and Mirror, you can see the members of BTS wearing CARIN sunglasses. 

Which CARIN sunglasses model are each member of BTS wearing? Great question. Let me break it down for you. 

J-Hope is wearing the Gemma C3 sunglasses with a fashion blue tinted lens. 

Going from far left to right, we have RM wearing an unreleased CARIN sunglasses with yellow tints which is super cool (yellow tints are still trending). We already mentioned J-Hope's sunglasses. Next, we have V wearing the Anna N C1 sunglasses. On the far right, we got Jung-Kook rocking the Heather C3 sunnies with light green tint. 

BTS wearing CARIN sunglasses Jimin and Suga

Lastly, we got Jimin and Suga. Let's start with Jimin who is rocking another unreleased CARIN sunglasses. Suga is wearing a very popular model, the Katharine-Wi C3 sunglasses.

The slogan of this Xylitol x BTS campaign should really be changed to, "Good Teeth. Good Smile. Better Sunglasses." 

Looks like CARIN has been doing their behind the scenes work in Korea. Getting their brand of sunglasses on, some can argue, one of the most influential group of people in the world!  

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