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warranty policy


Thank you for shopping with ISSO. 

Our eyewear products are supplied with a warranty on any manufacturing defects for 6 months from the date of purchase. All warranty claims must be accompanied by an original proof of purchase. 

While we can’t cover for scratches or accidental damage, all manufacturing faults are covered. Shattered, fractured, or scratched lenses are not covered. Damage not associated with normal wear, such as pressure breaks, excessive heat, intentional bending, abuse or general misuse is also not covered. Unfortunately, damage, fault or wear and tear to product packaging, including the protective case, is not covered under this warranty. However, where a product is replaced due to manufacturing fault, new packaging will be issued as part of the warranty claim.

Keep in mind, eyewear screws may loosen with wear. We recommend regular maintenance to ensure all parts of our eyewear product remain secure. Lack of regular maintenance may result in lens or frame damage which may not be covered by this warranty.

To file for a warranty claim, please e-mail detailing your order number, full name and any evidence relating to your claim. Photos and/or a description would be greatly appreciated to fully understand your warranty claim. A member of our customer service team will then assist your claim and provide you with the instructions on how to proceed. 

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